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MOPH RecDivision™ Services

MOP Heartland Recreational Land Division


The MOPH RecDivision™ Services was created with the thought of “cost sharing” prime recreational properties because of the escalating cost of owning such property on an individual basis.

MOPH RecDivision™ Services is a service that we subdivide a piece of property to allow multiple partners to have equal ownership interest without the high cost associated with solo-ownership but have all the benefits of the entire piece of property.

MOPH RecDivision™ manages the process from the very beginning until the last land partner is in. It is a seamless process whether it is 500 acres or 5,000 acres, MOPH RecDivision does it all. MOPH RecDivision Service is a fair and legal way to divide property among multiple owners.

Whether it is a landowner wanting RecDivision™ to divide his own property or a future landowner looking to purchase a piece of recreational property with a RecDivision™ in mind, MOPH RecDivision™ Services can make it happen.

During the process MOPH RecDivision™ engages the services of the MOPH Special Services Division to determine if things such as WRP, CRP, WHIP and other available government programs make sense and are available then incorporate it into the plan. We can help to maximize the potential income on the property thus reducing the cost of ownership even more.

MOPH RecDivision™ Services will manage the property after the project is complete through the MOPH Special Services Division to alleviate the responsibilities associated with property maintenance, upkeep, farm leases, food plots, and any partner disputes that may arise. It is much like managing a Property Owners Association of a subdivision.

This is the wave of the future since absentee owners spend limited time on their properties anyway and spreading the cost among several owners helps to justify the limited time they spend on their properties.

Contact us today so RecDivision™ can make owning the property of your dreams a reality.