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At Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland, we see real estate from an outdoorsman and investor’s point of view because it is the only way we know how.

In 2003, Mossy Oak Properties was created to help outdoor enthusiasts find and buy land for their own recreational and investment purposes. Today, we have a growing network of brokers that are not only passionate about the outdoors, but they also understand the ins and outs of buying rural and investment property and the inherent difficulties of doing so with traditional real estate companies.

With a focused mission to create a vibrant market to buy and sell rural property for recreation and investment, Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland’s offices offer buyers professional real estate brokers and agents who understand and appreciate rural land. We are committed to providing the highest level of old-fashioned service and honest dealing.

We can and will help you locate the property of your dreams, using the resources and tools provided through the Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland network of brokers and agents.

And, because we understand your passion for land and the outdoors, we will not sell you on a property that is not what you are looking for the sake of making a sale, we well only strive to find the property of your dreams.

Our goal is your goal. You have our word on it.

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