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Land Financing

MOPH understands the inherent difficulties of land acquisitions when it comes to financing these unique projects.

Because of this, MOPH has teamed up with Farm Credit Services.

Farm Credit Services

For more than 95 years, FCS Financial has been providing lending opportunities and financial services to landowners, farmers, farm-related businesses and anyone who simply enjoys the smaller, rural community lifestyle. But the truth is we’re more than experts in rural financing. We’re experts in rural living. Most of us grew up on farms or in rural communities. We understand rural Missouri because we live it.

Headquartered in Jefferson City, Missouri, FCS Financial has 22 branch offices located throughout the state of Missouri to serve you. We are a $2 billion organization with more than 15,000 members. FCS Financial is a member of the Farm Credit System. The system is a nationwide network of cooperative lending institutions that provides credit and financial services to farmers, ranchers, rural residents and agribusinesses. The Farm Credit System is the largest single provider of agricultural credit in the United States.

Borrower Eligibility

FCS Financial has a full range of loan products available for farmers, rural homeowners, recreational landowners and agricultural related businesses. The extent to which financing can be provided can vary by the type of operation and location. Find out if you qualify.

FCS Financial serves 102 Missouri counties. If you are searching for property outside of Missouri, you can find a Farm Credit near you on their locations map. These sister organizations offer the same products as FCS Financial.

Want to learn more about buying or owning land?

We have developed several educational ebooks and documents to help you learn more about owning land. One of our customers even assisted us in creating a video series on how he purchased his property for recreational use but found out he could also earn income from it. Click on the links below to learn more.

Contact one of our lending specialists if you have any questions about owning recreational or agricultural property. You can find them at any of our 22 locations.

Buying & Owning Land – Getting Started

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